Cat and Mouse

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In which Jasmin’s WTF Wednesday is shared on Thursday. 


My Lil has been allowed deck privileges again as as she has been behaving herself; you know, not jumping off and running into disgusting abandoned houses. On Monday I let her out on the deck where went about her business doing cat things and I went about binge watching Chuck and frogging yet another scarf (the lack of yarn mojo is bad!) when suddenly she trotted into the house.

With a mouse.

Firmly clasped in her jowls.

I’d like to say at this point I calmly observed this and went about the rest of the evening. What actually happened was Lil trotting over to me to show me her find and me screaming bloody murder and jumping on a chair as Lil followed me through to show me her find.

I don’t what the worst part of this was. That my cat caught a mouse OUTSIDE and brought it INSIDE to show me or me acting like a the woman from Tom and Jerry who always frets when she sees a mouse.

*bows head in shame*

For a good hour or so I observed my normally sweet, mild mannered, skittish cat stalk, track, hunt a mouse. Lil would snatch the mouse up in her mouth, trot through the house, drop it, lay on it, let go, bat it, swat it, repeat.

As Lil pummeled and tortured that mouse I appreciated knowing that my cat will keep my house critter free but I prefer to think of my sweet kitty as this




Enjoy your Thursday.



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