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In which the guides, uh, guide me.

This week I finished reading Joshilyn Jackson’s Backeseat Saints which begins with the main character, Rose Mae Lolley, being told by a psychic that death is in the cards and that Rose Mae must choose herself or her husband. Rose Mae is a physically abused woman who takes the psychic’s words to heart as she struggles to figure out what she should do. When CecilyK asked if anyone wanted a psychic reading from Hollywood Psychics, I jumped at the chance, since the book interested me so much, and a couple of nights ago, I called a psychic.

First I visited their website. I wasn’t sure what to expect and thought that I could use the website to help guide me and just to poke around for more information. Scrolling through the available psychics made gave me an opportunity to see what each psychic offered. I then called the number, 1.866.866.5949, and was given the option to listen to a welcome message from each psychic. Eventually I choose Psychic Zach; he sounds like a friend of mine and I thought I would be more comfortable speaking with him.

I was quite happy that I was not immediately connected to the psychic. I was given a couple options to confirm that I really wanted to continue the call and then I was connected to Zach.
“What can I help you with?” He asked in a friendly drawl. Nervously I asked for a reading. “What CAN I help you with?” he asked again, this time sounding a tad amused but still friendly and warm. “Uh, a reading?” I answered and when I admitted I wasn’t sure how to ‘do’ the call he answered, “Well darling I won’t hurt you!” and I was in.

After my initial fear of the call, my strategy was to treat it as I would a doctor’s appointment: I was open, honest and to the point. My questions were about finances, The Bee, Effin Guy, and work.

I shared that times have been tough and wanted to know when I would see any kind of relief.  He said that the guides told him that things would get better in the next month but there was some work I would have to do.  I asked about a business venture that I am researching with a friend and he told me that as my plan is something that I am already familiar with it would be a success but said success would be long in coming, perhaps a year. He stated that I wouldn’t make a ton of money but this was something that was still worth pursuing.

The Bee:
I asked him about The Bee’s school as The Dad and I are contemplating a change. He told me I should keep her where she was. My exact question exactly was about whether she should stay on at her PRIVATE school and his answer was yes, PRIVATE school was best although which school was not specified. I have a few other in mind although I would LOVE to keep her on at her current school but I digress.

Library Chick:
When I shared that I love my work but feel like I need something more he predicted three more years as a library chick but suggested that school is something I should pursue but slowly to be successful.

Effin Guy:
I asked him about my relationship with Effin Guy and well this part is redacted. Y’all don’t need to know everything! I will say that the things he mentioned about my guy were on the money and precise.

For what it was worth (free, Cecily offered ten free minutes) it was fun to do this call.  However, if I were to call or engage a psychic again I would probably not offer quite as much information. The skeptic in me feels that there was some ‘tell’ in my voice that allowed Psychic Zach to perform my reading and give me the information that I requested. I also felt that the information he relayed to me from his guides was more along the life coach variety and not really something I needed a psychic to tell me. This reading was not all just one big lovefest; I can see just how people get hooked on psychics. I found myself just wanted to chat with Zach but for the amount of time and money the call costs I just will call my friend who reminds me of Zach. 

My sister also called and had a psychic reading. Her thoughts will be shared on her blog And Starring As Herself, MRSRKFJ.

In the future I may dabble with a Boardwalk psychic when we hit the shore in the summer but for now I will continue approaching life with a mix of pragmatism, a pinch of awe and some hopin’, wishin’ and prayin’.

Looking for my DVD of Ghost,

The Psychic Reading was payed for but these views and observations are ALL mine.


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