Book Review: Where Does Thursday Go?

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Most people complain about Mondays but my dreaded day is Thursday. I have such a love hate relationship with Thursday that when I saw Janeen Brian’s book, “Where Does Thursday Go?” I had to check it out because I would love for Thursday to go where it needs to be.

Thursday is Bruno’s Birthday and he doesn’t want to the special day to end. Bruno embarks on a journey with his friend Bert to see if they can discover where Thursday goes so that they may say goodnight before Friday comes.

The pair search for Thursday in a variety of places (places which offer the reader perfect opportunity for making silly sounds) until they come to realize that Thursday is not something they can find and keep but a feeling they can enjoy.

The text is really fun to look at with it’s mix of traditional font and what looks like a child’s handwriting. The illustrations by Stephen Michael King are sweet, providing a mystical background as Bruno and Bert search. Children ages 4-7 will especially enjoy this book. Older readers may like the challenges faced by Bruno and Bert and can offer solutions for where Thursday may have gone.

A page from "Where Does Thursday Go?"

A page from “Where Does Thursday Go?”

This book would pair well with Kevin Henkes Kitten’s First Full Moon and Frank Asch’s Happy Birthday, Moon (Moonbear) as the moon winds up being a character in each book.

Where Does Thursday Go? and all books shared today can be found at your local library or by clicking my affiliate link.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Haha, I’m a weird one that doesn’t remind Monday’s. For me, the days are the same. Only I can determine what occurs that day. I don’t think it’s a specific day thing, for when we have bad days.

    Anyways, great book. And I kiwi the font mixture too. Breaks things up a little.

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