Book Review: The Hip Hop Kids

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The new readers at the library may start at different levels but eventually there is a point in which they are looking for something new to read. I often recommend my favorites but there seems to be such a lack of books gearing towards boys, especially African American Boys.

rhyming_words_with_milo_tnEnter The Hop Hop Kids.

These books feature a male character, who happens to be Black, and who rhymes like an MC.

In Rhyming Words with Milo the MC, children will learn to rhyme with familiar words and ideas. The illustrations are bright and colorful and allow for extra conversations about the characters. I love that throughout the book rhyming words are highlighted. At the end of the book bonus words are provided for readers.

While I do like the book, my only negative is that the text in the book is in all capital letters. It may seem to be a nitpicky thing but if this book is geared towards children learning basic skills, then the reader should see upper case AND lower case letters.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it! Check out the Hip Hop Kids online to get your own books.

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  1. Donna Farrer says:

    What a fun book to teach some rhyming and letters! This could be a great asset to the books at the preschool I work at! I was actually looking for something new like this one so this was a great find. I was ordering some seasonal books, I would recommend taking a look at Barbara Ward, She has a couple great winter books, The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker, worth a look. Great cuddle up books for the kiddos!

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