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Looking for a cool read this weekend and need some suggestions?

Here are a few books that I’ve recently read that may catch your attention.
Addendum: I originally had this book set in China. It is set in Singapore.

Crazy Rich Asians

When Nicholas Young brings his girlfriend Rachel Chu home to Singapore for a close friend’s wedding. Rachel, excited at the prospect of a vacation and meeting the family of her boyfriend is in for a surprise when she learns that Nicholas is the son of an extremely wealthy family. Gossip, back stabbing and planning ensues as Rachel is introduced to these Crazy Rich Asians.


This debut novel by Kevin Kwan is funny and is a fun glimpse into the life of the rich and famous, who happen to be Asian. This book touches on class structure, prejudices, families and more. It was a quick read with Kevin providing notes throughout the book about Asian slang, history and lore.


Dad Is Fat


The first words Jim Gaffigan’s son wrote is the title of Jim’s look at parenting. Dad Is Fat is hilarious as Jim examines fatherhood, married life and raising FIVE children.

Jim’s style is often dry and self-deprecating and he delivers the same in this book. His experiences as father, husband and man.

This book is literal laugh out loud funny and I found myself agreeing with some of Jim’s experiences as a parent.




The Dinner


Two couples meet for a dinner to discuss an event involving their respective children. This event is so shocking that it has an entire nation on edge and now a decision of what to do must be made.

This book was billed as a Dutch “Gone Girl” but I am not convinced. It is an interesting read but I found that it could be a bit stiff at times and tense. The book takes place over dinner and as each course is served another piece is added to the story of these couples. I found myself wishing the book would hurry and get to the point. I did not completely dislike the book but disliked each character when the book was over and found that there was really no hero.


So, what are you reading this weekend?

Leave a comment so I can add more books to my pile. Have you read any of these books? Have I missed the mark or do you agree?

Have a great weekend and cool off with some great books!



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  1. Hamster says:

    Crazy Rich Asians is set in Singapore, not China.

    1. Rachee says:

      You are absolutely correct. I will correct the post.
      Thank you.

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