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Ally Condie’s Matched starts off with Cassia Reyes obediently looking forward to her ceremony to be matched. In this futuristic society, there are rules and these rules include a society making matches for its citizens. Cassia is pleased to see the face of her good childhood friend Xander and knows her match is made, but wait…there appears a second boy, another friend by the name of Ky. Should she follow the rules or will her heart make another choice?

Ally Condie shows us the life of Cassia, a young girl who faithfully follows all of the rules, living the life that she is supposed to. Things take a turn when Cassia begins to think independently and questions the life she is to lead. Her view is skewed when she begins to think for herself and and on and on about Ky and that her reaction to having been Matched to Xander seemed way to convenient for the plot. However, after some thought I find that Ally does a great job showing the world of the Society through a teen who is conflicted, confused and ready to be rebellious but without knowing her strength and power.

I wish there were more development of the world of the society. There seemed to be rules and ideas that I was not aware of. Perhaps this was due to Cassia only becoming aware of the society and we as readers only learned what she knew.

I do look forward to following the world of Cassia Reyes learn whether she goes along with her match or does indeed follow her emotions.

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