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Disclosure: I was sent copies Tales from Lovecraft Middle School to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Middle school is hard enough being the new kid. It’s even harder to start middle school and find that your school is rampant with mystery monsters disguised as teachers, people mysteriously vanishing and hidden portals to other worlds.

Welcome to Lovecraft Middle School where seventh grader Robert Arthur just wants to get through seventh grade without being tormented by bullies and without causing his mom worry. Shenanigans and danger are afoot when Robert begins to learn of, and investigate, the mysteries and hidden secrets of Lovecraft Middle School.

I had never heard of  H.P. Lovecraft so I didn’t have that sense of nostalgia. I was also never a fan of horror and was reluctant to read the series (I thought I might be too scared!) but I have to admit these books give a delightful thrill. The threat of danger Robert and his friends encounter is scary but there is always a bright spot. Boys and girls alike will enjoy reading this series and discovering more to the secrets of Lovecraft Middle School. At my library readers as young as seven have requested these books and have said that they enjoy the covers, the pictures throughout and look forward to the next monster Robert and his friends encounter.

Throughout the series (the three books I have read so far) the characters grow, experience real emotions and are people I care and think about. I enjoyed that the children do rely on adults (including an awesome librarian!) to assist them with uncovering the mysteries of the school.

Below is a trailer for the first two books, Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1: Professor Gargoyle and
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2: The Slither Sisters.

The third books, Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #3: Teacher’s Pest, is best not to read while eating lunch (trust me!).

The books also have morphing photo covers so that the images change from innocent student to weird creature!

To get your own copies visit your library or click on the links about. To read more about Lovecraft or Quirk Books, please visit them online.

Enjoy revisiting Middle School!

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