Belly Busters: What’s Cooking Doc?

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In which The Bee channels her inner Rachael Ray.

It’s summer…do YOU Know what you are doing with your children?  For The Bee and my nephew, Dill, my sister and I are fortunate to have a wonderful network of family and friends who can either do some babysitting swaps, are aware of low cost interesting educational and entertaining programs or (total self promoting) able to stop by the library and participate in what we’ve got going on here.  When one of the contacts from my social media group asked if anyone wanted to try out camp I jumped at the chance. I saw that there were spots for tweens at Robnotics or Culinary and sent an e-mail requesting a spot. After an exchange and wonderful conversation with Liz Matt from the Sharla Feldscher Public Relations ,The Bee and Dill were chosen to attend culinary camp and Robotics camp respectively.

I worried about The Bee attending camp. WIth her food allergies I am always concerned with an accidental exposure to dairy or at the least her feeling left out from the food. My fears were put to rest when she came back and saidf that while they made quiche, the chef made sure to include her in the food prepartion and educated the group about people with food allergies.

Per The Bee:

When I first got there I felt nervous because I wasn’t sure what kind of food was going to be there. My mom talked with chef Marilyn who said that quiche was being made but there was prep going on that woyld we first arrived The camp was fun when we started actually doing prep work for cooking. Chopping onions was fun and no, I did not cry. We were going to make quiche and I
Culinry camp was fun. When


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