April Run Goals

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Spring races are back and so am I!

I make the declaration bit loosely but with the weather breaking, the gyms being open and races on the horizon, I have no choice but to be back and ready to get in on the action and routine of running.

April Goals

Run 3-4 days a week. This winter was rough. In spite of having a treadmill at home and winning an amazing gym membership to Lifetime Fitness, I found myself snuggling under the blankets. After running two races in the last two weeks and only performing so-so, I realize that I need to run more consistently.

Use my gym membership to its fullest. So far, I have been taking yoga classes and using the treadmill but this gym offers so much more in equipment and services. Before the end of this free membership runs out I need to hook up with the personal trainer, figure out all of the equipment and create a plan so when I head back to the free weights in my house I will be ready.

Continue yoga practice. I have been doing a few classes at the gym, which I lovebut miss the practice that had become a part of my nightly routine. It was nice way to end the night doing something for me. Also? I found that there was far less grunting after getting off of the floor with my storytime littles.

Lastly, resume updating my blog. I do use social media (mostly Instagram) to share my progress, but IG is NOT a diary and my blog is. Sorta.

Anywho, do you have any run goals for this month? Drop me a line and let’s support each other!

Happy running!


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