Pac-Man Virtual Challenge #PACMANBR

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In person races are back and there is nothing like the theater of the race: the contagious excitement that rolls off of fellow racers while you’re waiting for the race to start. The hype music blaring from the speaker as you race across the finish line. The banana, oh bananas! My gosh do I love a post-race banana, but virtual races hold a special place in my heart. As much as I love racing with hundreds of my fellow racers, I mostly love competing against myself. Being better than I was during my last run, last mile, last race. 

Enter the virtual race.

During Covid restrictions and closures, virtual races were all that were available, and it was a great way to keep running while earning a medal or two. My newest venture is the Pac-Man Virtual Challenge and in this challenge, participants can run, walk, or jog their way through three levels, earning prizes and bragging rights, with a Pac-man theme. 

Registration and logging your miles is easy. Visit the PAC-MAN Virtual Challenge and use code “BIBRAVE10” for 10% off. As you complete each level a three, four and then a five mile walk, run or jog, you log your time. Complete all three levels and receive a special code to unlock a bonus level!

All participants will receive a limited-edition race kit featuring:

  • Finisher’s Medal
  • Collectible Baseball Pennant
  • Commemorative Race Bib
  • And of course, bragging rights!


Runs are logged using the honor system or you can connect your runs if you use the Run Keeper app. Using your mobile device log into the Run Keeper app and after selecting the PAC-MAN Virtual Challenge, connect to the app. (See pic below)


Don’t dawdle…register today, lcae up and level up. 



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