An ode to NPR

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Ten things I love about NPR (National Public Radio):

  1. Being greeted by the cheery Morning Edition theme and Steve and Renee reporting the news and not so news. So calm, so relaxed. It’s all going to be OK.
  2. The voices of Weekend Edition Saturday’s Scott Simon and the BBC News’s Julian Marshall. *Swoons*!
  3. Puzzle Master Will Short challenges.  I can never solve them but I fight the good fight as I wash up my breakfast dishes.
  4. Tell Me More‘s Michele Martin’s interview style. 4a would be the shop talk. That hour is packed full of info and it always seems to fly!
  5. Radio Times with Marti Moss Coane. She makes the city seem interesting to say the least. 
  6. Terry Gross’s conversation interviews that always seem to abruptly end. Seriously, take a listen to Fresh Air if you don’t believe me. 
  7. This American Life with Ira Glass. Act 1…
  8. Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me! Karl Cassel has got to be the coolest and if I were confident about answering questions I would totally call in for his voice on my voice mail. 
  9. New music from Sound Opinions. They hipped me to Alabama Shakes. 
  10. Cahr Tahlk (Car Talk) with Click and Clack. Take my brother. No, take MY brother


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