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Because I was listening to Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor and the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack today, I felt this one was a good fit. This was also found via a Google Search: Voices.net.

William Thomas Dodd, Germany

Disco Dancing
Boom-boom base balanced blast,
Pulsating pace, palaver passed,
Click-clack cameras caution cast,
Flick-flack faces flickering fast.

Chirpy chirpy cheap chicks cha-cha-cha,
Haughty“ Hooray” Henries ha-ha-ha,
Yap-yap yodeller yelps ya-ya-ya,
Typsy tap-dancer taps tat-ta-tat-ta-tat-ta.

Whirling, whining wind-machine wantonly wafts,
Shack-attack smoothy supposedly shafts,
Dum-de-dum dancers distribute drafts,
Chitter-chatter charlatan cuckolds crafts

Haphazard hip-hoppers happily howl,
Flip-flop footballer follows fowl,
Gargling gargantuan grumbles growl,
Plip-plop plumber’s passions prowl.

Gibbering giggler go-go girls gropes,
Rat-a-tat rapper rigs-up ropes,
Hullabaloo hawker has high hopes,
Meandering marauder, melancholy, mopes.

Fat funky fellow’s fox trot fails,
Willy-nilly wallower woefully wails,
Tittle-tattle two-steppers tell tall tales,
Heave ho! Haranguer hackney-cab hails.

Puffing-panting policeman politely prancing,
Chattering champagne Charlie cautiously chancing,
Everybody elevates, e enhancing,
Da-de-da-dar-da-de-do-dar dapper damsel disco dancing.


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