A Tale of Two Yarns

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During the Hidden River Yarn’s sixth anniversary celebration, I fell in love with the Overbook shawl by Erika Flory. Aside…Erika has a collection of Philadelphia themed knits that I want to collect and I have my eye on several that I would like, nee want. Any who, the Overbook…the display piece was gorgeous, I live in Overbook, and SHAWL! When Lisa showed me yarns for that I could use to recreate the shawl, I balked at the prices of some of the yarn. See, I was feeling a tad guilty for buying more yarn after spending a small fortune buying fiber goodness during the open house for Fairmont Fibers just one month prior. To assuage my guilt I bought some less expensive yarn and set to work on the shawl.

The Overbrook

It’s the designer, Erika Flory!

The Overbook has lots of knit repeats that are not complicated but can be a bit tricky if one stitching is not paying attention. Then I got frustrated when my yarn got all tangled up and the project was put on time out. I wanted to make the Overbook and found a cake of yarn from the open house and set to work.

With the Quince and co, I used size five needles and the stitches get stiff and tight. When I witched yarns, I used size seven needles and the results are a shawl that is drappier and lighter.


The Overbook

It’s been about two weeks and I am loving the result! Using a combo of Manos del Uruguay and what I believe is some Madeline Tosh (this may be wishful thinking) I have found a combo that works so well!

The Overbook

Modeled by The Bee

I am so close to finishing and would like to complete this before the end of the week (which happens to be my birthday!). Check me out on Instagram (I’m there as @sayitrahshay) to see the finished product.


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