A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet” is Loa-tzu’s actual quote and both quotes speak to me. You see, I am and have always been a “wait and wait” type of gal. I wait for the right moment, when all situations are ‘perfect’, when I am thin enough, smart enough, prosperous enough, fill in your own blank enough. As you can imagine, this has not worked well for me at all!

So as I sit, wait and wish* life is passing me and all I can do is look up in wonder at why I am still stuck. This week I am beginning journeys. Instead of waiting for the time to come, I am making the time come and I will walk 1000 miles** the journeys will begin.

Journeys for the week:
Get out of sleeper mommy mode.
Since The Bee’s dad and I have gone our separate ways I have been in sleeper mommy mode. I go through my day to day as if I am on auto pilot. Get up, rush, rush, rush to get to work, rush, rush, rush to get home, rush, rush, rush to get to bed. Sleep. Repeat times life. My routine varies a bit when The Bee is with me. I then have to rush, rush, rush to get her to school, scouts, or whatever other activity she is supposed to attend.

Instead of hurry up and waiting my way through the day I will make a conscious decision to figuratively stop and smell the roses.

Explore the polar opposites.
Instead of ALWAYS saying no to something outside of my comfort zone, this week I am going to throw caution to the wind and start saying yes. Same goes with being a girl who can’t say no: No will not come with guilt this week and I will leave work on time, be assertive even when I get jittery and ice water tickles my spine*** and play Pollyanna for the week.

Sitting on the sidelines NO more,

*Liberally borrowed from Jack Johnson
**The Proclaimers. No man is involved; I am walking these miles for me.
***From Sweet Charity


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