Who watches the Watchmen?

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I do!

I finally was able to see Watchmen.


What an awesome movie! Yes it was long (163 minutes!?!) but it was worth it. Tom, our comic book supplier, has been talking up Watchmen for a while and I have been reading it off and on for a year but to see it on the big screen? Whoa!

As a late comer to the whole comic/graphic novel thing, I still don’t get some of the hype and hubbub but that’s me (zing!).

Anyhoodle, I am not going to review the movie because I found a blogger who does a better job: Screenrant.

I will say that this movie is definitely NOT for the kids. Explicit sex scenes, full frontal male nudity (Dr. Manhattan doesn’t get that he needs clothes) and bone wrenching violence. Bone wrenching as in one scene a dude’s bone is broken through the skin (blech!).

But great movie. Great book. I usually damn books made into movies; the artistic visions often leave something out and leaves me cold but this is an exception that I am going to make.

I may even fork over another ten bucks to see this again!

Watching the Watchmen,


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