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January Recap

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Or how did I do with “Read, See, Cook, Do – Redux

January usually feels like its 37 weeks long but this year it seemed to fly by. I am not complaining by any means just considering what made 2024 different from other years. One huge change is that I have given myself a break on what I am “supposed” to do. Whether it’s working out, going out, a thing I am “supposed” to do, I was very intentional with how I felt and what I needed for myself. I guess I gave myself permission to lean into slowing down and, if you are able, I highly recommend this.

With this new attitude, HOW did I do with my goals?

Read: I didn’t complete the two books I planned wanted BUT managed to read three other books! Granted, two are for class but I read!

See: I certainly slowed down and enjoyed January. The days I wanted to do a thing, I did a thing. The days I didn’t have the energy, I stayed in or said, “No thanks.” 

Cook: My biscuits leave much to be desired. So, so much to be desired, but I got you for some focaccia! I am NOT a believer in exercising to earn the right to eat but I am going to have to start moving more because I love bread and bread loves my hips and raising my A1 levels. 

Do: I made TWO sweaters last month! One for me and one for The Bee! I’m pretty stoked about this and am feeling myself a bit. 


In conclusion, my “not” resolutions resolutions worked. They were not designed as a punishment for me to be better but enhanced my life which resulted in better.


Not sure about February yet. I’m going to revisit Flexy February and finish some more yarnthings but whatever I do will be chill and lowkey and intentional. 

How was your January?
Did it fly by or was it looooooooooonnnnnngggg?



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