Workout Boogie Redux: Disco Abs

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My goal to workout is a tad difficult as I’ve grown accustomed to sitting in front of the TV stuffing my face and not working on any of the the things I have in my to be hooked pile but it is not as difficult as watching what I eat. I visited the Free Library of Philadelphia and borrowed a copy of Cheryl Burke’s Disco Abs.
Le Sigh!
I wanted to like this DVD, really I did. Disco music, a dancer from TVs Dancing with the Stars, a promise of ab work? Where would this go wrong? While the workout itself is a challenge Cheryl’s cuing stinks, the routine is very repetitive and I found myself studying the timer in the corner of  the video instead of getting into the routine.

Not impossible but a really good challenge. Despite Cheryl
s cuing and some wonky camera work I was able to follow along and keep up. I didn’t work up a sweat but was out of breath a few times and welcomed the interruptions from my cat. Cheryl’s cuing stinks. I was distracted by the back up people,. They seemed confused by the transitions for the next exercise.

I love the disco soundtrack. It was fun to boogie along during my workout however there were periods in which the disco song would then be some unidentifiable (at least to me) filler music.

I feel the effects of this workout a few days later. Not painful but I can tell I have been moving my body has not been in its normal state of prone.

I give this workout 2 barbells. I would probably borrow it again but make sure that I get something else to do.

My totally scientific scale*:

5 Barbells: Buy this workout and do it daily
4 Barbells: Supplement this workout with something else
3 Barbells: Borrow a copy from a friend
2 Barbells: Borrow from the library
1 Barbells: Go for a walk instead

Next up:
Fit Kit: Pilates.

*It’s not scientifc and I may (probably) will change the scale.
**One Day at a Time


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