When storytimes goes wrong

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Today’s storytime was brought to you by the letters P and U and by the number 2, as in too sucky)


It was beyond horribly wrong, beyond a disaster.

My storytime sucked quarters.

Today’s program was Wiggles ‘n’ Giggles, the idea borrowed from Paula Sell who works at the Roaring Springs Community Library. The idea is to get the kids moving using musical instruments, bean bags and music.

I started off weak and got progressively worse. I was unprepared and thought I could swing it.
I could not.

Instead of whining about for days on end, I am going to do something about it.
1) Be prepared! I will listen to musical selections more than once to get an idea of what I am listening to, the cues and the song.
2) Write it down! I need to be prepared for what I am doing and saying.
3) Have a back up.

More later.


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