Say it Rahs-shay shares weekly meal plans for her and her teen

Weekly Meal Plan

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I’ve been slipping on sharing what my dinner plan is week. I realize no one is checking here to see what I whipped up; my chef skills are more on par with Boyardee than, say, anyone else, but it helps ME to have a plan.

So then, what’s for dinner?

Say it Rahs-shay shares weekly meal plans for her and her teen



This week is a pretty crazy week. It’s my birthday and I am not doing my normal days at work (trippy!)
The Bee has been staying with my mom the nights I work so we are all over the place! I want to try and get some kind of plan. I find that we eat so much more crap when we don’t plan what we are eating!



Lunch Plan for this week

Me The Bee
Monday Lunch: Out w/ Effin Guy for Birthday Food from Caf at school
Tuesday Soup from local diner Food from Caf at school
Wednesday Fed during a visit to Random House! Food from Caf at school
Thursday Soup from local diner Food from Caf at school
Friday Meet and Greet with McDonald’s chef Food from Caf at school
Saturday Brunch with Mom/Grandmother Brunch with Grandmother/Great Grandmother
Sunday  Brunch with Mom/Grandmother  Brunch with Grandmother/Great Grandmother


I feel the need to justify The Bee eating at school. The Dad and I switch off paying for lunch so I don’t buy the normal lunch things as I would in the past, There are some available just in case but not a staple to be purchased each week. I plan on starting soup this week at home so I can stop buying so much from the local diners (although that spinach tomato basil soup is delish!) I made a fall bucket list and a new Pinterest board. Here’s to some savory smells coming from my kitchen!

My grandmother is in a rehab facility and the next few weekends will probably be spend with her. I am going to be a little freer with my schedule because I have the feeling that brunch may include fries.


Dinner plan for the week

Me The Bee
Monday  Breakfast for Dinner Breakfast for Dinner
 Tuesday Sandwich (work night) Dinner at grandmother’s
Wednesday  Salad  Dinner at grandmother’s
Thursday  Pasta and sauce Pasta and sauce
 Friday  Reading Terminal Reading Terminal
Saturday Salad Salad or on your own
Sunday Salad Salad or on your own


I am starting my run group again this week and after attending a bacon festival, feel the need to make a conscious choice about what I am eating.

The day we have breakfast for dinner I will be recreating the candied bacon I had at the festival but will choice lighter options. The Bee is a really picky eater however she is going to have to either cook for herself (something more than Ramen Noodles) or eat what I prepare. I suspect a lot of Ramen Noodles but oh well.

What about you all? What are you eating? Do you find having a plan helps?  Share with me; I need ideas and easy recipes please!



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