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As we all know (I presume we all do!) the election for president of the United States was held today.

I had every intention of getting to my polling site early- early as in 6:30 AM – so that I could vote and get to my conference on time. Of course I procrastinated (really gotta do something about this horrible habit!) and didn’t make it to the site until 7:03AM, which would normally be early enough to do my thing and bounce*. When I arrived there was a line of people snaking through the lobby of the Y and I was like “What the ham fat!!!?!”

There were so many people waiting on line. Everyone who walked in had the same reaction as I; they had never seen it like this before, were almost ready to walk back out (two people said they had to get to work but were coming back later) and had a curse word dangle from their lips. The vibe today was so positive; no one tried to jump the line, tried to start something and everyone was relatively patient as they waited their turn.

I didn’t know Upper Darby had it in them! It was like a block party, people I have not seen in months were waiting to cast their votes. The people waiting on line were pretty calm.

When I finally got to vote I was 104.
No matter because I voted in a historic election.

My voice is going to be heard!

I won’t lie; I got nervous as I approached the booth. The poll workers were having some type of trouble with the booths but this wasn’t why I was so nervous. The whole idea was so surreal that I could not totally wrap my mind around a Black man on the ballot. I didn’t feel like I was voting for the lesser of two evils; I really felt that I was voting for the best man.

God I hope he gets it!

I made sure I had plenty to still my mind as I waited. I worked on some “Block the Vote” granny squares as well as my iPod.
Here is my Obama won!! playlist:
disclaimer: the titles are the reasons for some of these picks
-DMX: It’s On
-Missy Elliott: Work It
-Kool & the Gang: Victory
-Kevin Michaels: We All Want the Same Thing
-Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now
-Howard Jones: Things Can only Get Better
-Nancy Wilson singing The Best is Yet To Come
-Beck’s Loser (dedicated to Dinoman)
-It Doesn’t Get Better than This
-Ella Fitzgerald singing It’s ALl Right With Me
-Ella again: They Can’t take that Away from ME
-Ella with the Drifters: I’m Beginning to see the Light
-Herman’s Hermits: I’m In To Something Good

If McCain wins [shudder]
The playlist will be:
-Blues in the Night (any version cause a McCain is a is a two-face/A worrisome thing who’ll leave you to sing/ The blues in the night
-Radiohead’s Creep
-Train: Calling All Angels (I need a sign to let me know you’re here)
-Matchbox 20: Unwell (I’m not crazy/I’m just a little unwell)
-War: Slipping Into Darkness
-Michelle Branch: Are You Happy Now?
-Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
-Jamie Lidell: What’s the Use
-Daniel Powter: Bad Day (although McCain can have this one if/ when the victory goes to Obama!)
-Smashing Pumpkins: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning (The world is lost and blown)
-Conya Doss: Tell Me Why
-It Just Ain’t Right.
-It’s a Hard Knock Life from the Annie Soundtrack
-Why Don’t You do Right? (Jessica Rabbit)
-Cry Me a River.

Anxiuosly waiting for the results.

*I happened to be in front of some first time young voters today who spoke like this.


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