Various UFO’s Part 1

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In the world of needlecrafting, a UFO is an Unfinished Object and I have several (and if you thought otherwise I must ask, “Have we not met?!?!”).
I was trying to upload these photos to my Ravelry account but technology and Rachée are not in sync tonight so here is what I am working on:

Bumblebee’s camo hoodie. The one on the left is the back panel and the one on the right is the front panel. The front panel starting taking on this weird shape and I had to put it down and take a step back for a bit.

I hope to have it finished by Thanksgiving so that she can wear it to the parade!

Next is a panel from a baby’s blanket I was making for my friend Amira (sorry JC!). I didn’t like the yarn and a couple of other things about the blanket so hence a spread for Barbie’s Dream House.

I’m getting there. I have been really into my hooks and yarn. I guess you could say that I am a happy hooker.


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