Today, April 22nd is…

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…Jelly Bean Day!

Easter is over but jelly beans remain! Yes, today is also Earth Day and I will be getting a new plant and I will make sure that I recycle (some of the Streets Department Guys make Tuesdays nice) but I am here to talk about jelly beans!

Starburst and Jolly Ranchers make some and they are super sweet. Jelly Belly also makes beans. The site used to have a promotion that gave away free jellybeans if visited the site at the right moment. I visited a few times and would always get a pack with popcorn (yuck!) and jalepeno (!).

Here is an ode to Jelly Beans that I am so using on Wednesday during storytime before I pass out some treats,

Jelly Beans by Aileen Fisher

“I like white ones.”

“Here are two.”

“I like black.”

“But there are so few.”

“I want pink ones.”

“Two for you.”

“I like orange.”

“WHAT shall we do-there isn’t an orange,

I’ve looked them through.”


“Wait! here’s a red, and a yellow too-

THAT’LL make orange

I am also going to use this one

Jelly Bean Countdown
(Use real jelly beans 5 colors)
5 little jelly beans I wish I had more!
I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are four!
4 little jelly beans
Tasty as can be I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are 3!
3 little jelly beans Only a few.
I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there are 2.
2 little jelly beans
Eating them is fun I’ll eat the (color) one
Now there is one.
1 little jelly bean
The last one for me I’ll eat the (color) one
I’m as happy as can be!

What are you doing today?

when you get through.”


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