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Slow and steady wins the race.
While getting dressed Tuesday I caught bits and pieces of a Today Show segment in which Joy Bauer encouraged a caller to focus on smaller weight goals as opposed to the total number. The caller was encouraged to focus on a few pounds per month instead of what she would look like way down the road. To celebrate the small victories in a big way and that her goals would be met.*

Eureka! And Duh!
When I look at the big picture, a weight loss total of 48 pounds, those 48 pounds seem darn near impossible but if I look at a pond or two per week, five to six down a month I can not only see the light at the end of the tunnel as well as the lanterns that light the way. This is advice that I have heard and read countless times but for some reason it really resonated with me today. So yes, my total goal is 48 down but my mini goal is 6 pounds down by the end of each month. That seems doable, possible and more attainable.

Hope you’ll see less of me soon!

*I wish i could remember the exact segment. There were other tips but this one spoke to me.
**Sorry for all of the cliches. They worked though!


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