Thoughtful Tuesdays: I’m sick

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I am sick.

Not in the Fannie Lou Hamer sense of the word but in the day and nightime-sniffling-sneezy-coughing-aching-head-I-want-rest type.

This blows. And sucks. And is messy.


A few quick thoughts before I go off to feel sorry for myself and attempt to clear my ears.

The Dentist

My appointment took over two hours.
Two hours!
I had a broken filling which has resulted in me needing two teeth drilled and abused. I have to follow up and get two (2!) root canals and something that requires a visit to the endodontist. Dr. H may have said something else but I think I had a mild TIA and missed a thing that sounded suspiciously like cuts to the gum.

Thankfully I can save my teeth but shudder!

Channeling Little Shop of Horrors
My Two Face imitation
(I’ve found my costume!)





Two more weeks of negative attack ads, e-mails, phone calls.
I’ve made up my mind who I’m voting for and really don’t care (sorta) who you vote for but will say…VOTE!
Even if your guy doesn’t win, there are those little elections that will ultimately affect you on a day to day basis. Wait, DO you know WHAT you are voting for? Besides Obama and Mitt, what are you voting?
Check out Buffy’s post on And Starring As Herself…. and get the skinny.

A Powerful You

Last weekend The Bee and I headed down to Washington DC (I still can not get over the notion that I, (me!) drove) for a workshop led by Uneeka Jay, the Powermommy. Uneeka is called the Powermommy for a reason. She put together a room full of powerful women, bloggers and business folks and they were on point with their stuff. I was, am so inspired and ready to kick butt and take names!

More later; I am still teasing out the information that I need to share and my head is spinning.
Which leads me to:


The Blog

Before Powerful Weekend I was thinking that I need and want to make some changes to my blog, myself, my life. Certain areas of my life are good, very good and certain areas are in need of a major overhaul.

Starting Monday look for a new feature on the blog…Makeover Monday. New wardrobe, lifethings, blogthings. New.

First up, Monday, October 29th: No Apologies.

The Bee

When did The Bee become Linda Blair? For real, yo!
I am waiting for the moment when her head spins and pea soup flies out of her mouth.
I think she may have done that crawl thing but she could have also been doing yoga.
Hormones are a bitch!
Also, seventh grade is a bitch.
Seventh grade has taken a life of its own and is trying to kill me and my kid.
I have a conference with her teachers tomorrow. I am not a praying woman but I have said a Hail Mary, a Psalms and a few other things that I hope will make tomorrow and the next day and the next a little smoother.

Effin’ Guy

Le sigh.
We are…I dunno what we are.
It should be easy…I like him, he likes me, we click but something (me) is not able to relax enough to enjoy it. We still hang and talk but that sometimes I feel like a Righteous Brother song.
I wanna feel like an Aretha song.
Or a Whitney song.
Why isn’t this easier?


Why does she sign everything “Ride or Die Mom?”
Who does this?
More importantly, what does that even mean?
I can’t fool with that right now.
My tooth is starting to bang and a student just asked me for an old book. Cause, like there are lots here and like, she needs one.
(I gave her some side eye too)

Anyhoodle “Happy Tuesday!” as my new friend Aleea would say.

Thinking thoughts,


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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