The Little Blue Dress

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Last week I went to a party for one of the social media groups I belong to. I was excited about the party, looking forward to hanging out “in real life” with folks I mostly interact with online. All day I made sure to stay on schedule so I wouldn’t have an excuse not to make it to the party. I had an outfit planned and was feeling on cloud nine…until I actually got home and started to dress. I was totally having an “I hate me moment” and almost stayed home. Almost until I remembered “The Buffy Blue Dress”

I borrowed a dress from my sister a few months ago as we headed for some dressy thing or another and it has just found its way into my closet. It’s been my go to and I just decided to go with it. After the reaction I got from wearing this dress I decided that it was time for me to stop hiding and feeling bad about the way I looked, do something about it and not have myself feel that way again.

I don’t look bad, felt great and had a good time.

Thanks Little Blue dress!

Photo via Pam, the Unconventional Librarian


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