The ABCs of 2012

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Usually at this time of year I come up with a list of things that I plan to do; resolutions declaring that this upcoming year is going to be the year that all is right, that I get “it” together, in order and the like. This year is no different except I am not making a public declaration. I am just going to do it and well, do it.

Reading back through my resolutions for 2010 I can honestly say that I accomplished quite a bit of them but I can also say they were not life changing epiphanies that made everything better. Some were easier than others and some…well…there STILL has not been the dinner party/game day/get together (hangs head in shame). My 101 in 1001 list feels like a better gauge to have me grow and leap out of my comfort zone however 30 something years of making resolutions makes me feel that I should at least attempt to create a list of things to shoot for in the new year.

Pinterest came to the rescue. My love of all things alphabets drew me to this pin and the suggestions offered seem to go along with my way of thinking.

Enjoy and whether you make resolutions or not, have a safe and happy 2012.


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