That Time the Library Made National News

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A few weeks back as my co-worker, Abbe, and I were working on our schedules for the upcoming weeks and I suggested we do a flash mob. As we fleshed out what that would look like (I had suggsted Thriller since there is a pin that shows all of the moves), my library director sugested we do a parody of Beat It, Read It. We were getting a new book drop and Abbe was all excited thinking about the kids crawling out of the book drop instead of the seswer.

Abbe got the Teen Advisory Board to agree to star in the movie and weeks of rehearsal started. They re-wrote lyrics to the song, practiced dance moves, helped set the stage and began filming. We agreed that the video would be premiered during a special event at the library, a memorial for former employee Ronnie Hawkins duringf the dedication of the Teen/Resource Room.

All went well, the video was met with great excitement and then Monday rolled around and I got a text from Abbe stating that Read It was being banned on You Tube!


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