Tangled Tuesday: Dusty Hooks

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Last year I wrote about losing my crochet mojo and I found myself once again feeling blah and meh about yarn things in general. Is it the time of year? My failed venture into a business? Is it that I am not making time to foster my craft? I dunno! Whatever it is that has me ignoring my hooks I am so over and would love that click to make me want to start again.

I’ve been trying to get inspired by looking through my stash, reading blogs, visiting Ravely amd checking out Pinterest. I’m still stuck  but have come to these conclusions:

1) my stash sucks. This is really a flimsy justification/ excuse for me to think about buying yarn.
2) Other bloggers are doing loverly things. An older version of me would be feeling all inadequate and threatened but this more seasoned version of Rachee feels really happy that yarn can look so good.
3) Valentine’s Day was meant for hooking (a good kind!)

Here a few pins that, well, have my heart. (Pardon that horrible pun like thing!)

1. Itty Bitty Hearts

These are so adorable. I think I also like these as garnishments to gifts. If I were to ever get the gumption to wrap gifts that I give.

2. Crochet Garland

I suppose these would look good on my front door or throughout the house. The colors shown are kinda springy and I could probably get away with these at least until March.

3. Stuffed Hearts

Stuffed any yarnthing makes me think of pillows and I can see this as something in the house with Lil attacking.
Maybe if I make them really BIG (The Bee or myself…and probably Lil) could use these as we read, watched a movie or played a game.


Source: flickr.com via Carrie on Pinterest

Puffy hearts that mark my place?
These look like cute flyaway balloons!

5. A Purse

Too cute!

6. And last (but not least!)…a scarf

Source: caron.com via Kerry on Pinterest

Yes. Winter shall be over soon but I still love rockin’ a scarf, this pattern looks easy and my sister has yarn this color in her stash (Shh! Don’t tell her I’m plotting on her stash!)

Where is your happy place when you lose the will to craft?


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