Medal Monday: The Gritty 5K

It took two years but I finally got to run the Gritty 5k in person and, like Grityy, it was a wonderful, wonderful very Philly experience!

Pac-Man Virtual Challenge #PACMANBR

In person races are back and there is nothing like the theater of the race: the contagious excitement that rolls off of fellow racers while you’re waiting for the race to start. The hype music blaring from the speaker as you race across the finish line. The banana, oh bananas! My gosh do I love a post-race banana, but virtual…

Virtual Superman Run – Recap

I have been training for Fall races, both alone and with my run group, and my original thinking was to be faster and “better.” Faster because that’s what runners do, right? And better because somewhere along the way I have been thinking that who and what Rachee is needs to be more.  When I signed up for the virtual DC…