Soundtrack for the Return to the Gym

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I may be prematurely celebrating my return to the gym but I am a Philly sports fan.
Seriously, tonight I hit the gym and I was running (in my Forrest Gump voice). Yes it was a minute at a time during the coach to 5k app but dangit, I got off my butt, got my sneakers on and did the thing.

I won’t go into details about my wog (you all can assume that there was some shortness of breath, lots of silent cussing and the promise to never eat junk again). Instead let me share the music.

Playlist for a return to the gym.

Accidents Will Happen Elvis Costello.
Infer what you wish.

Get Me Bodied Beyonce
Say what you will about Mrs. Carter but she is one bad chick. This song got me through the first wall. Which as really a half wall but whatevs.

Kiss With a Fist Florence & the Machine
What I want to do to my weak lungs. And poor breathing. (See what I did there?)

Womanizer Britney Spears
Again, say what you will about Britney but this song distracted me enough from not being able to breathe to helping me get to the next walk cycle.

Just Fine Mary J Blige
Yup. The workout wasn’t so bad. I was feeling, well, just fine.

Fergalicious Fergie
I was up in the gym working on my fitness.

Lose Control Missy Elliott
This is my race song, that song that gets my head in the game.

Shake Your Thang Salt-N-Pepa
I told you my music was stuck.
Yes. I did shake my thang while running and gasping for breath.

Unbelievable EMF
I did it! All sections and I didn’t walk the run sections.

It wasn’t a bad workout and I feel good. I do need some help with music and am open to suggestions.

Hope you had a good day and I’m looking forward to reading your music ideas.

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