Silence Helps Me Thrive

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I did not realize how much I was dependent on having a soundtrack to my day until I came home for lunch one day and PECO was doing some work on my street. The power was out, I had left my phone in the car and my tablet at the library since this was supposed to be a quick trip and the silence in my house was a bit unnerving. My house was really still. No Pandora, no streaming television, no hum from the fridge. Even my cat was quiet and I was a bit unnerved about just how quiet quiet was. It was uncomfortable having to be in my own head. I had gotten so used to having something to accompany my day that any silence felt wrong.

It’s difficult to pin point just when I started filling every moment with noise. My alarm is talk radio, I click over to the the local news to find out what’s going on, streaming radio as I dress and a book on CD for my commute. Once I get to work I am met with questions and people all day. Reverse my morning and I am never alone. Add in a teen and the noise level is a low roar.

Part of the noise invasion is because is me attempting to avoid being inside of my head. Part of me feels like I should take advantage of what technology offers. I know that have been operating under the delusion that if I don’t have to think about it then I won’t have to actually deal. So dialing up some music or bonding with the Simpsons helps me from fretting about my house being a  wreck, work being a bit stressful and the trials of raising a teen. All of these things and more are still things I have to deal with but having a quieter mind helps me make different outcomes.

The day when I was forced to be in my own head I realized that it’s not so bad. Sometimes I have to face the dark thoughts in order to fully accept the light. It’s not always easy quieting myself and allowing things to be but it has helped me to relax and ease into my day and focus on the things that overwhelmed me.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my shows and like giggling along with the Pandora stations bit it’s nice to know that taking a break from outside noise is I can quiet myself to actually get things complete.







This post was inspired byThrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder by Arianna Huffington who encourages everyone to sleep their way to the top. Join From Left to Write on May 1 we discuss Thrive. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.



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  1. Thien-Kim says:

    Since my kids are young (and loud) I relish the silence once they’re in bed!

    1. Rachee says:

      I thought I was using my kid’s bedtime as *my time* but haven’t been utilizing it well. Next week I challenge myself to do more with that 10 PM sweet spot.

  2. Janaki says:

    I struggle with silence, although I love practicing meditation, and being quiet. I, like you, fill my life with a soundtrack, usually of talking (I’m a bit of an NPR junky), but also music, usually when I’m feeling better. It’s a challenge to sit with one’s own thoughts.

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