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‘WIP” it up

I have been having such a time finding a crochet sock pattern that actually uses sock yarn. Last year (Ok, in December) I bought a few skeins of sock yarn during a sale and was determined to make some socks.
Well, after three false starts my sister is four skeins of sock yarn richer and I am off to another project.
Enter the Cottage Sock.
One day as I processed some new books (a tedious task involving stickers, double sided tape and more stickers) I listened to Lion’s Brand YarnCraft podcast and was enraptured by the way Liz and Zontee waxed enthusiastically about last minute gifts and how to whip them up quick. After listening to their rah-rah about making these gifts, I was convinced that I could do it.
I was/am off to a good start but as we can all see by the date on the pictures that these cottage socks have been relegated to UFO status and left in WIP purgatory. It’s not that I don’t want to finish. It’s merely that I don’t know how to finish. Those directions are not very Rachee friendly and with the ‘finish by the holiday’ goal, I think I psyched myself out.
Now that my mom is home from rehab (no, no, no) she has been eyeing them and making “I’m cold” noises. Not quite get it done by Christmas pressure but these will be too hot to bum around in the summer pressure*.

Not abandoned, hibernating

*Notice I said summer and not spring. I am keeping it real.


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