Run Things: No One Cares About Your Breathing

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Unless, of course, you’re not.

One of the results I hope to gain from running is to not be able to hear myself breathing, something I call the Darth Vader sound. The sound of something that keeps me alive has been the bane of my existence . My aunt would oft remark about how I sounded like I was a “masher**” when we would talk on the phone. During elementary school gym classes I can remember some of the more fit kids making remarks about how heavy my breath was after running that darned 600 yard dashes. Heavy breathers, in my mind, were always associated with someone like…

Not a good look.
So I have always done my best to hold my breath, not wanting to be heard when I was working out, trying to be all delicate and cute as I lifted weights, attempting to run or step up down, now with the left.

You know how that worked out for me?
It didn’t.

I always thought that everyone was looking and pointing and judging me for the heavy breathing, for the gasps of air, for the workouts that are a struggle.

No one cares.
They don’t.
No one cares that I am gasping as I workout cause if they are working out then they are gasping as well.
No one cares about the increased breathing, the sweat dripping, the puff of my cheeks.
My arrogance in thinking that people were judging me, that people were paying attention to me, that anyone gave a darn about my workout was all for naught.
As I’ve powered through Couch to 5K I realize that I am getting stronger, my lungs feel better and seriously, no one cares that I am a heavy breather.

So I’ll see you at the gym and I’ll be the chick with the puffed out cheeks, breathing and panting but with a small smile.


*not really the bane but at times I tend to exaggerate (what me, exaggerate? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?)
** Bugs Bunny was always talking about a masher particularly when he was dressed as a woman.


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