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Full disclosure.
I’m still fat.
That is all.

No, that’s not true. I am still holding firmly to fit, fat and unhealthy habits. Twenty five days into the new year and I have broken my resolutions. I could chuck it all but instead I need to focus on what I am willing to do to get rid of the extra weight.  Perhaps the list was way too ambitious? I thought when I made it that the goals were attainable but perhaps I am setting myself up for failure. I realize that this is not a punishment but it feels like I am restricting myself from, well something.

Revisiting the resolutions…
The food diary is where I will start.
I am using Lose It to log my food and diet. When I was religiously using the app I did find that I was seeing results. That could also be in part to me exercising daily but I digress. Anywhosit, this app will at least keep me accountable for what I eat and help me track where and why I eat the way I do.

My other resolution that I will focus is also food related. Watching WHERE I eat. Yesterday alone I gobbled cookies at my desk, food in the car and while standing over the sink (one, three scoops of ice cream). This week I am going to focus on only having water in the car (this may be modified to include teas as well; it’s cold as balls out there!), no more eating at my desk and meals at a table. The table thing may be tricky. I still don’t have a dining room table but you get the point.

Today is my long day so I won’t even pretend like I’m going to exercise but I will set up my weights and yoga mat tonight so that I can move in the morning. But even that may be ambitious. I’ll set out the weights; I feel like a few bicep curls while watching Matt and Meredith is something I can actually see me doing. My head is too all over for yoga.

I’ve weighed myself. No gain or loss. Good considering I have not been actively doing any of the plan I put forward for myself. I’d like to see some activity on the scale next week.



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