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Mornings that I drop The Bee off at school can play out one of three ways:

  1. When we get to the parking lot, I get a hasty kiss on the cheek in (or near) the car and then she makes a mad dash to the school building
  2. When we get to the parking lot, I get a hasty kiss and hug while in the car and am allowed to walk her to the school building where she then makes a mad dash upstairs to her classroom
  3. When we get to the parking lot, I get a sweet hug and kiss while in the car and then we can hold hands through the parking lot to her building and I am allowed upstairs to her classroom.

A new rule has been added to our rituals: no physical contact (outside of the sideways reluctant hug) is allowed once we get in the vicinity of the other students.

To be fair, and NOT categorize my child as a snotty brat, I have to say that I am a recovering hoverer; you know: THAT MOM. When The Bee was a toddler and just starting daycare, I would peer through the window 30 minutes or more just to “check on her” even though I was bone tired after a 12 hour all night shift. When I relented and allowed her a sleepover, I would call to see if anyone needed anything multiple times until I was rudely told to not call back or informed that I could pick her up.

With a normal(ish) 9-5 I find that mornings spent dawdling is not helpful in getting me to work at a decent time, er I mean on time. As hectic as the mornings are (notice I did not say routine ’cause there ain’t none) I like to spend a few extra moments with my daughter to find out (in very, very, VERY detailed stories) what is going on in school.

The Bee has been worried about these standardized tests that she has to take this year, the ERBs (for those of you my age, think California Achievement Test). The Bee has been stressing over this test ever since she found out her room assignment in August. So I wanted to ensure that she was comfortable and ready to go.

I committed mommy faux pas: I kissed her in the classroom.

Gently pulling her hand away, The bee whispered, “Mommy. I’m trying to be cool.”

My cue to leave her as she and the girls talked about Rainbow Magic and Pippa the Poppy Fairy.



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