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My grandmother is in a Rehab Center for rehab (duh) after spending a few days in the hospital. She was weak and just lethargic. After getting back on her meds, she is up and about asking to go home and where her keys are (the norm). Watching her shuffle and then be able to move with a steadier gate makes me quite emotional. All the emotions, y’all. Nellie was the person who inspired Nellieisms, stands all of 4’11” and wasnt afraid to tell you where to go and how to get there and now she is a woman who is unsure of who the president is (her favorite answer is Eisenhower) and wondering why she has to be around all of those old people.  Luckily she is at a place near my job so I can pop over during lunch and hang out with her.


The Bee started high school and has thrived! Like, she is excited about school, has made a bunch of friends, joined extra curricular activities and is thrilled to be riding SEPTA (I scratched my head at that too). I will totally be getting into this at a later date but her middle school sucked and I have all of the leftover emotions ferom my grandmother for The Bee and the torture she went through at her middle school. Saint Andrew was the worst and she suffered and I now have hope that she is getting the education she deserves and needs.


I had a TastyKake today and whoa! I used to adore their pies but today I felt like my childhood taste buds have been smacked. Not an option for me anymore.

A moment of silence.


Last, for now:

Pizza cake debuts at @slicepa with 8 tasty layers of mozzarella, cheese + pepperoni





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