PYHO: All You Need is Love

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Now I’ve got that Beatles song stuck in my head.

Anywho, the L word is bandied about like nobody’s business…
I love pizza!
I looooove me some Simon Pegg!
I love my new co-worker! (she has assisted in helping me find my work mojo)
But really, what does Love mean and how has such a powerful word been demoted to being an adjective for the super yummy bowl of ice cream? (Super is another word that is bandied about that I’m kinda ambivalent about but that’s a post for later).

So what do I want to say about love? I don’t say it often enough. My family knows that I love them but do I tell them that I love and appreciate them? Not really. My family is close but we tend to go down the road of sarcasm and avoidance instead of looking at a person and saying those three words.
Here goes: I love my mom. She got me through some rough times and despite having her own issues she will drop everything when I call her from work with an issue or early morning after having a terrible dream.

I love my sister, Buffy. She’s my best friend and despite our multiple telephone conversations each day I can’t remember the last time i told her i was proud of her and that she was the bomb. I think i may have told her that the cowboys to suckit but hVd mot let her know how proud i am that she is doing good for her district.

I love my aunt, Charleeeeeeeeeeeene. She has always been my go to when I just can’t say that certain whatever. She listens patiently as i whine then offers some advice that makes me laugh and feel better. She even lets me hide out at her apartment on those days when I cant seem to get it together letting me watch trash tv and showing me her new games.

I love my uncle, Marvo, Marvo. Despite him always calling me boy or accusing me if ducking his calls (yeah, about that) he is funny. He’s that family member. You know the one, the one always making you run errands when he’s around or the one that is hilarious, a tad inappropriate but funny none the less..

I love my cousins, Leaky and Arboo. Leaky is leaky and can be that pesky younger cousin but she is another one that shoots straight from the hip and can always say the word that you need to here. Arboo…cause who doesn’t like a kid who gives unsolicited hugs and kisses?

I love Dill despite him tearing through my house like a buffalo. Seriously, he always has a smile, is funny and just makes me feel like the best aunt in the world. He’s smart, intelligent and a pretty good kid. When he’s still.

I love Pop. She such a teen and sometimes I just want to kiss her with a fist. No. She’s a great teen and when she’s not doing that teen angst thing she’s smart, loves books and is almost as excited as I am about meeting authors.

I love my brother in law, BIL. He can be a smart ass and a pain in one too but he’s good for those days when I need to just hang out and listen ton his particular brand of snark.

And of course, The Bee. She makes me want to get up and do the things that scare me,the tints that I think cannot do and she’s always ready with a sideways hug and a smile when I’m having a moment.

I love my family and don’t care who knows. Now it’s your turn. Who do you love? (now I’ve got THAT song stuck in my head!)

Uttering those three words,

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  1. Shell says:

    I love my family. My husband and my kids hear it multiple times a day, every day. Everyone else… I need to get better at telling them.

  2. Brandi says:

    I love LOVE. I don’t always express it, either, but my blog has actually been helping me to be more articulate about my feelings for people other than my daughter. I guess we just take for granted that our peeps know we love them…it sure is nice to hear it, though!

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