Practice Kind with Macy’s Heart of Haiti

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Still looking for last minute ways to share the holidays with your friends and loved ones? Consider Macy’s Heart of Haiti ornaments.

When my family dynamics changed as The Bee and I merged homes with The Librarian, we were so excited to celebrate everything together. However the end of this year found me struggling to figure where my place is in the world. Reading the news and learning of the difficulties some of my friends have been facing have made me wonder if kindness is some abstract idea that is for other people and I have found that more and more my defenses are up and I am leaning towards cynical. The Bee, however, has been so excited about the holidays and revisiting our traditions that I had to either fake my way through my funk or find a way to cope with this negative cloud that has been circling my home.

Tonight when The Librarian brought home our Christmas tree and The Bee set to decorating it, I decided that I would fake a good time until I actuality began to feel that spirit of the holiday. As we placed ornaments we have been collecting on our family’s tree, I could feel the weight of the last few months melting away and we chatted about ways we could share this feeling of love and kindness and I decided that the beautiful ornaments that I was fortunate enough to place on my tree would be the first way to share kind.

Macy's Heart of Haiti ornaments.

With so much pressure to do better, be better, give more, do more, it’s refreshing to find an opportunity to give and help others. Macy’s Heart of Haiti ornaments are a perfect opportunity to practice kindness. This product line is created by local Haitian artisans which provides these artists a sustainable income for those in need. Haiti’s estimated 400,000 artisans make 22% of the purchase price of every good sold and rely on their handcrafted goods as a source of income. 

Haiti is a country rich in the arts so when the earthquake hit, Macy’s made the bold decision to carry a product line made by local artisans. The going was not easy back in 2010. Shortly after the earthquake, the infrastructure did not even exist to house or even ship goods. Today, seven years later, Macy’s continues to sell the products, with a full assortment of beautiful handcrafted items available at and select stores. 

Adding a Macy’s Heart of Haiti ornament was the highlight of our decorating. This was the first ornament that we placed on the tree and we created a look around this piece. At first glance this ornament appears almost sedate when compared to the colorful objects we saw when out shopping throughout the season. But this notions is quickly discarded upon handing the piece and knowing that a simple ornament is allowing families to be sustained in Haiti after the devastation that has affected their country.

Practice Kind with Macy's Heart of Haiti


If you are looking for a way to practice kind, look no farther than products like Macy’s Heart of Haiti. This is something that gives hope and employment to artists is a way to make sure your hard-earned dollars are making a difference. To see how the ornaments are made, check out the videos below. Enjoy you holiday and make a difference for some talented artists. 


r’s note: I was gifted a product from the Macy’s Heart of Haiti line however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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