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Shark Week is Discovery Channel’s annual program event to celebrate, well, sharks. This year The Bee and I have cable and can watch some of the programs (yay!). In addition to the programming offered on the Discovery Channel, we also explored books and other mediums to learn about sharks.


At the library, I shared these picture books with my kids:

Shark in the Park by Nick Sharrat: Timothy Pope takes his new telescope to the park and what does he spy…a shark in the park!

Bored! Bored! Bored! by Jill Newton. The neighborhood is busy gardening, a task that Claude the shark finds boring. His attempts to help lead to disaster until Claude finally realizes that he can be creative in the kitchen.

Five little sharks swimming in the sea  by Steve Metzger. This book is a play on the Five Little Monkets rhyme. These naughty sharks create havoc by bumping into other sea animals, over eating and getting lost. Their mother calls the doctor and he advises her to let those sharks swim wild and free.

Don’t Eat the Babysitter by Nick Ward. When When their parents leave baby sharks, Sammy and Sophie with a babysitter, things are so exciting Sammy has to work hard on his unfortunate “biting” habit.

I’m a Shark by Bob Shea. Shark’s not afraid of anything. The dark? Nah! A bear? Nope! A spider….ruh roh!

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