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yaRRns is finally on Etsy!
I have one item listed and thought I would add more as I go along.
Do you see anything that you may like made for yourself? Drop me a line and we will chat.

This week I found the cutest pattern that I am working on.
The Cookie Monster hat!

I found this hat on the blog Sticks and Stones and I just love it! I have a pound of blue yarn that was calling me and decided to go for it. So far I have the beanie completed. Working on the flaps next and then I’ll add cookies. Not so sure about the pom pom eyes. They look like they would be a pain the butt to clean. I’ll see where the hook takes me.

This hat will pair nicely with this scarf:

Now, this scarf is knit but I think I can either replicate using Tunisian crochet or back loop only double crochet for that ripple effect. Either way I’m adding cookies and some kid will look absolutely adorbs.

When my crochet-DD kicks in, I have been working on the ruffle scarf.

Cool right?

I look so purty!

So far it looks way too small and is kind of daunting. The one pattern I looked at had the last row needing 1000 stitches! ONE THOUSAND! I do a few stitches at a time and am making great progress but then I look at the scarf and feel like nothing is getting done!

Both projects need to be completed by Monday. I agreed to raffle these off for my social media group’s holiday party.


Anywhosit…a book that I have ordered has arrived.
Through the magic of Inter Library Loan I requested a copy of Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter. I have been very lax in creating yarnthings for myself. I tend to see it modeled and think that I couldn’t possibly wear THAT. This book is for the thick girls! Wraps, skirts (although the “D” hook that it calls for gives me pause) and things that I may actually wear!

The book has accessories (there’s a scarf!) and yarn used will not break the bank!

What’s on your hooks (or needles!) this week?

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