On A Windy Night

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Halloween is coming and what a perfect time for a spooky book! Abrams Books sent my library a copy of On a Windy Night written by Nancy Raines Day and illustrated by George Bates and it’s a perfect book to share with kids (and grown up!) who afraid of the things that may go bump in the night.  The rhyming text is simple but fun to read and it read well to the group I hosted Friday as well as a solo read with The Bee. The repeat refrain


make this interactive and helped keep some of the easier spooked listeners occupied as we read the story.

George Bates does a fantastic job showing how the objects may not be exactly as they appear ; is that really a head on the ground or could it be a pumpkin? And the little costumed skeleton is just so stinking cute!

The surprise ending is adorable with a small PSA about not leaving food on the floor (OK, I made that up but think about it after you read this book!).

I’d say borrow a copy from your library (I am  biased) or get your own copy.  This will be making the rounds for those not so spooky night.

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