Oh What a *Tangled Web* thoust Weaves…

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…when a new yarn shop is found and I purchase yarn that I really don’t need.
or I am so not buying cheap yarn anymore.

Was helping out at The Bee’s school Friday (that post is coming!) and during the short break for lunch I headed out. For what, not really sure but I hopped into the car with Plymouth Meeting Mall as my goal as the nearest library did not hold any sway and I just felt the need to be out.

As I chugged and bumped along Germantown Avenue – a meticulously calculated plot by city planners to keep the riff-raft away from swanky Chestnut Hill – I saw a consignment shop and as I contemplated making a U-ie I saw it.

It being a yarn shop, The Tangled Web.

I am so glad I made the trip! Diane, the friendly proprietress was more than happy to answer my questions and we even engaged in a chat about our respective children’s schools. The other lady in the store (whose name I cannot remember) assisted me as I looked at yarns and even wound my hanks into more manageable balls.

Yarn specialty shops always seem to cater more towards knitters with a few crochet hooks thrown in as an afterthought. I didn’t feel like this here. While chatting, I admitted my crochet ambivalence and the ladies in the store were kind enough to encourage me to do both.
There is a beginners knit class coming soon. Due to the time it takes to get the store and some other things going on here (more later; these new ‘things’ are still percolating) I will have to pass but I still have some luscious yarns just waiting for a new project. (I just shopped the sales rack but there was some really beautiful sock yarn that I may go back to get some for Buffy.)

This a wool blend that is going to be a top or probably a scarf.

Three balls of a wool blend that I am going to use for a shrug, finally.

A purple tweed colorway. I also got this in red.

This is going to make a great bag

There was only one ball of this superfine yarn.

I am going to check Ravelry to see what I can make.

Playing with my stash,



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