Off the Needles: The Steep Climb Slouch Hat

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The Steep Climb Slouch Hat has been in my Ravelry cue for a while and I decided to give it a try to get out of my cowl comfort zone and level up my knit skills a bit.



The pattern, by Cheryl Kubat, looks complicated but is actually pretty easy to follow. If you can knit and purl and count, then you can make this hat. I enjoyed making this project. There was no misleading or extraneous language and the directions are quite easy to follow.

This pattern is free until January 31st and available in Cheryl Kubat’s Ravelry shop which you can access through this link (add me as a friend!)


working a knit hat in the round

Since this hat is made in the round, I was able to use my sweet stitch markers from Torn Scarps!





I used Loops and Thread Charisma for my hat which is a bulky weight yarn. Cheryl used Cascade Magnum which is a super bulky weight. I’ve got to say, I am not loving Loops and Thread for this hat. It’s really soft but I would have preferred something a little more stiff. Charisma is a bit more floppy than I prefer and the yarn always looks handled and a bit used even though this was a new skein.



I also think that due to the texture of this yarn, it made the zig zag pattern in the hat a little less visible. I will allow that how I knit, through the BACK of the stitch may also have played a part in how the finished product looks.


I finally learned how to make a decent pompom! My last attempt was too long and the strings looked like a feather duster. This time tstopped being feI I had to trim and trim and trim until I had a fluffy ball.


 The finished product look great, is warm and I am loving it.


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