Mozart and Music and Me

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I’ve been binge watching (as this one does) the Amazon original series Mozart in the Jungle and it has been a delicious glimpse into the workings of a concert orchestra. It’s salacious, racy and full of music which was the background of my high school years. Back in high school I played the clarinet in the band and the bass in orchestra and, while I try not to get mired in regret, I do wish I had taken my time with my instrument a little more seriously.

Back in high school I was a mediocre player and even worse with practice. I loved the idea of being in the band, loved the idea of being in the orchestra but was awful about practicing, learning about the music and learning about my instrument. As I watch these actors (and surely there are some professional musicians involved?) it makes me want to run back in time and tell my younger self to practice, get up a little earlier to grab a practice room, stay after school to speak with Mr. Kauriga or just do what I needed to play.

When I headed to college there was no money to pay for lessons or renting instruments. There may have been a away but at the time my OWN instrument seemed so unattainable that I gave up before I started, I am sure that I could have asked my mom about it but I think she had reached a breaking point, between fighting with her two rebellious daughters, a job and crazy boss that was really pressuring her, the new house we had recently moved to which we could barely afford and a tumultuous busted marriage.

Now as mom to a teenager just burning to be her own person, I watch as The Bee struggle to figure her way. Her interest flits from one thing to another and as I she tries new things I hope that that passion she has will actually make her focus. I also want her to want to follow her passion and not just do it because I said so. I will be listening to some classical music and plotting my next visit to the orchestra.


r’s note: I linked to the first episode of Mozart in the Jungle which can be streamed for free through Amazon. It is an affiliate link but I really think this show is fantastic. 






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  1. Susan G says:

    Such a fun post! I had read some reviews of the show and now I definitely want to watch it. Thanks for including a link!

    1. Rachee says:

      I really liked it. The music, Bernadette Peters (who I swear does NOT age) and just being behind the scenes makes this a fun watch.

  2. Fadra says:

    I had a teenager recently give me parenting advice. He told me that he wished his mom had made him stay in SOMETHING – martial arts, musical instrument, sports… just something so that even if he hated it as an adult, he would at least appreciate it. I’ve recently decided that I’m going to become my son’s piano teacher but I know that he wants instant results and gets frustrated very easily. But I’m still going to force him.

    And now this comment feels like another SOC post. Sorry for the rambling 🙂

  3. Tina Marie says:

    As a child I took violin lessons and I wished my mother had insisted that I stay with it. I so appreciate those that can play.

  4. Amanda Evans says:

    I wish I could go back too, and soak up the things I learned in my classes more than I realized at the time! I hadn’t heard of Mozart in the Jungle, but want to check it out now! Thanks for sharing it and for linking up at #MeetupMonday last week!

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