#MondayListicles Will Make You Boogie

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It’s Monday and time for another Listicle!

This week let’s talk about those songs…you know the ones that you find yourself humming and singing and boogieing too. Infecting your co-wokers, friends and loved ones. And, even though you are so sick of that fudging song you are still singing.

Here are ten songs I just can’t get enough of.

1. Everything is Awesome

2. Pinot Noir (or Peeno Noir)

3. A Boy Like That from West Side Story
Yeah. I am still scratiching my head about this one too!

4. Little Einsten remix
Scratching my head over this one too!

5. Take Me to Church
This reminds me of one of those songs from “So You Think You Can Dance” where people are being thrown around and slamming themselves to the floor…artistically of course.


6. Take Me by Paloma Faith


7. The theme from 30 Rock
I’ve been binge watching on Netflix and love the scatting.


8. And because they play it so much on 30 Rock…Muffin Top.

9. Barney Mr. Knickerbocker
I know everyone dumps on Barney but I like it and especially this song. There may (is) a dance that goes along with it.


10. The theme to Game of Thrones

While technically there are no words that has NEVER stopped me from humming along, making up my own words and sone general foolishness.


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