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r’s note: This post is sponsored by Groupon. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Are y’all sick of me talking about moving yet? I hope not because I am still deliriously excited about moving and combining households with The Librarian! Even the exciting challenges that come with it. Challenges such as what to do when the ideas of the bachelor/single dude is confronted with the mother/daughter flow. Answer: Groupon Goods to the rescue!

The Librarian and I have each been living on our own for years so when we moved we had a little bit of everything. We decided that since he and I would be sharing a room, The Bee would use my old bed and we could use HER old bed in our guest room. Sleeping arrangements were made easily but working our personal the styles in the sheets and rooms required a bit more finesse.

Bedding was not something I typically thought of; friends and family have always gifted my home with gorgeous items. Now that I have another person sharing a room, I’ve got to put a bit more effort into the room. The Librarian is more of an earth color guy, truly owning and loving the stereotype of single men decorating (rustic and brown). My favorite style tends to be something cute. Visiting the site for Groupon Goods provided ideas that were not only pleasing aesthetically but provided relief to our wallets. groupon-goods



Groupon Goods provides the goods for resting in comfort! There is everything from conventional sheets to fun emoji shaped pillows. The selction is plentiful and fits a variety of styles and budgets. groupon-emoji

Boxes may be everywhere and there may be slight chaos as we continue to rediscover packed goods but having a comfy place to rest our heads makes the pandemonium worth it.




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  1. I have not used the Groupon goods very much. We often buy activities when we travel thru them.

  2. Shauna S says:

    Ten bucks for bedding is fabulous! I love good deals like this. Especially with kids, I don’t like to spend too much on items that will get destroyed.

  3. I totally forgot about Groupon! We are actually needing to purchase some new sheets, the ones we have now aren’t doing their jobs very well and they are quite cold.
    Good luck with your move!!

  4. irishred13 says:

    Groupon is where it is at! I love their cheap home stuff!

  5. Laura Funk says:

    I am totally buying those emoticon pillows for my kids for Christmas! Love them, love groupon!

  6. I love finding deals on Groupon. I bet those pillows would be favorites for my daughters.

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