Maker Monday: Finished Knitthings.

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The Bee doesn’t always ask for knitthings but mentioned that she wished for an alternative to the cardboard holders for take out coffee cups. Part of me worried that a coffee cozy would be too slippery or that it would not helpful and burn the user but wonders of wonders…we searched Ravelry and found a pattern!

Using some yarn from my stash I followed a pattern by Andrew Rau I worked up a simple coffee cozy!

This was made with size seven dpns (double pointed needles), which is smaller than I’m used to. The pattern has a repeat of three knits, two purls which gives a stretch but using the size sevens gives the cozy a, well, cozy fit.

Also off the needles are a pair of leg warmers using a pattern from Brome Fields. The Bee and I are going to be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade and it’s only going to be 35 degrees.


So two pairs of leg warmers were made and I’ve got to say…I’m amazed that I was able to get them done! For some reason when I tried making them in the past it took days but this weekend I was a knitting maniac!

It’s been wonderful to see yarn transformed and to get some knit-fu back. I’ve been participating in a Facebook challenge called “Commit to Knit” and taking a few minutes each day to knit. It’s been good; calming and it helps to have a creative outlet. Also, as a person who has been all about the project and not the process, it is soothing to work a few rows and enjoy being.

Off to finish a few more things…I’m not promising holiday items but who knows?

Happy stitching!


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