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Let's Get Physical!

The Let’s Get Physical eight week challenge starts tomorrow.
Here is my “Before” picture.
My stats…I am weighing in at 198 pounds.
That’s like a grown man!
Two tweens, eight toddlers and almost my pregnancy weight from The Bee!

No. I am not happy about the way I look but I cannot stand before pictures where the people look so dang blah and then the after picture they look all rainbows and kittens and its like, really?
I’m nervous but also excited (hence the big cheese grin).
One day at a time.
I am doing this for me and it’s going to be so great.
Some things may suck (I can predict major suckage when it comes to cake, or rather a lack of!) but for the most part, looking good and FEELING good will negate all of those feelings.
So long fat ass and hello to a PHAT ass (yes, I went there).
Goodbye spare tires, saddle thighs and shapeless legs (well…there is some type of shape…Squircle?)
So long huge tee shirts that aren’t really hiding anything.
Hello to being able to run up those steps behind me without feeling out of breath.
Hello to legs that are strong and sexy.
Hello to those jeans that I’ve hidden in my closet for six years (they’ve been in, out and back in style!)
Join me?
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  1. I’m in! Tired of feeling bloated and gross 24/7.

  2. cupcakesandwineblog.com says:

    I’m also part of Let’s Get Physical and am excited to get started, too. Best of luck to you! And I’ll hold out hope your “after” picture will be in one of those pairs of jeans currently residing in the back of your closet.

  3. MELISASource says:

    Good for you!! I’m wishing you the best of luck in your new journey! I totally understand how you feel, as there’s more than a few pounds that I’d like to shed myself. I’m rooting for you that you meet and exceed all of your goals! 🙂

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