Les Misérables: Dream a Dream

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There is a commercial that promises viewers that they are going to LOVE the arts in Philly but I always thought that the “arts” was something out of my reach. The arts seemed to be an expense that I have not been able to indulge due to poor planning on my part. I have been fortunate to have friends who have invited me to different events, I have won a few contests online and, through blogging, have been able to have experiences that I once would have assumed to be out of my reach. Once again the arts have been made available to me and I am thrilled to share that one of my favorite musicals, Les Misérables, is returning!

Way back in high school Les Misérables (or Les Mis as all the cool kids called it) was the thing. Everyone who auditioned for chorus, band, or orchestra sang or played the songs, my sister could be seen reading the book (I admit I have not read it) and Buffy and I played the soundtrack over and over until it was mysteriously eaten in the cassette player and the CD was no where to be found.

When I heard that there was a movie, I made plans to see it, intrigued by the casting of Hugh Jackman as  Jean Valjean and Russell Crowe his nemesis, Javert. Then I learned that Les Mis was going to be live at the Forrest Theater and, nothing against Hugh and Russell, chucked the idea of the movie to make plans for the live show. Live shows…the lights, the stage, the live orchestra…I get chills just thinking of the experience!

This will be the second time I have a chance to see Les Mis on stage. Years ago my sister and I saw the show and suddenly the characters whose songs I had sung came alive. I shuddered when Fantine begins to understand that she may never again see the child she for whom she is killing herself to care for. I cheered when Jean Valjean out smarts that do gooder Javert. I cried when Eponine sang beautifully for the love that would not be hers.

Even now I have been torturing my neighbors with the soundtrack as I prep for seeing the show this week. You too can fall in love with the story of love and revolution; Les Mis is coming to Philadelphia January 2-January 13 on stage at the Academy of Music, located 240 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102.
To get tickets visit the Academy of Music website.

I learned from fellow blogger Lisa Lightner of Kimmel Center Presents

Kimmel Center Presents is pleased to offer a limited number of $10 tickets to select shows. For events in Verizon Hall and Perelman Theater, rush tickets go on sale at the Kimmel Center Box Office (Broad and Spruce Streets) at 5:30pm for evening performances and 11:30am for matinees. For events at the Merriam Theater (250 S. Broad Street) and the Academy of Music (240 S. Broad Street), rush tickets go on sale at each venue’s box office two hours prior to curtain.

So, if you can, check out the schedule and treat yourself to a live show. There’s nothing like it.

Have you seen Les Mis?
What’s your favorite song?
r’s note: I was given two tickets for a performance but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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