On the Needles: Knitting with Bulky Yarn

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I have been in that cycle where I am starting and stopping projects. Some of it is the weather. It is too darn hot and since I’ve been starting to have my own personal summers I don’t want to be fooling around with yarn of any type.

There is also the matter of my mind willing but the body won’t comply. Knitting with FSGS is rough. I’ll be going along, making such great progress and then my hand clenches, my fingers lock and I can barely hold my needles. Sometimes it’s a matter of minutes, sometimes longer, before I can pick my needles and get to crafting.

Then there is lack of crojo or motivation. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of projects in my Ravelry queue and don’t know what I should make. Re-organizing my stash was helpful in that I could see what yarn I had for projects and then repurpose some of the yarn that wasn’t being used. I did catalog the needles and hooks that I own and I realized that I have some hoarder tendencies (although really…who can have too many needles?).

But I digress.

Summer in Philly is now doing that thing where there are days when the humidity is not quite as hellish and the days can be, dare I say it, pleasant! This means that evenings after work makes me want to grab a chair, settle somewhere there is a breeze and work up a few rows.

A few months ago I picked up some yarn from AC Moore (where I met the nicest cashier, L!)  and have been trying to think of a project for it.

On the Needles: Knitting with Bulky Yarn

With two skeins of Stitch Studio’s Belle, I was able to make a seed stitch slouch hat, an extra long scarf and mittens, which The Bee claimed as hers (natch).

WHEN will I learn not to ask her to model things for me?


I have not quite finished this set because I need to weave in ends (least favorite thing to do) and I the mittens are on time out because I can’t get a proper bind off that don’t make them look boxy and clunky.

When going through my stash I found a bunch of Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn in a variety of colors. Lion Brand Quick and Thick is a favorite to work with when I am trying to work up a quick project. Depending on where I bought the yarn – local chain store, online- it seemed that each location only carried certain colors and I went a little crazy because I had a bunch of coupons. When I was buying all of this yarn, I was on a leg warmer and headband kick so some of the skeins are partially used.

I took advantage of the partial skeins and made a seed stitch poncho.


This weekend I only had cramps a few times so I was able to get a lot more crafting done. There are a few WIPs I found that I *should* finish however the lure of my Ravelry queue beckons.

Tell me…what’s on your hooks and needles?

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Mittens in a Day by Anna Marie Stewart
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Seeded slouch: no pattern used.

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